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greg from oceanart

Oceanart was established in early 1990 by my wife Soula and myself to showcase my photography of the ocean, beach and surf lifestyle. I have been photographing surfing for over 35 years with many of my images having been published in the mainstream surfing media. In 1997 I won first prize in Canon’s Asia Pacific photo contest for professional photographers with a photo of a surfer inside the tube at Shark Island, Cronulla. What made this shot so spectacular was that it was shot with the camera mounted to the front of the surfers surfboard and was inside a waterproof housing I made myself which I triggered with a radio remote over 500 metres away. I should point out that 1997 was well before GoPro cameras.

Canon photo competition

The images in the Oceanart Gallery have been photographed with a range of photographic equipment that includes both film and digital cameras. The film images have been photographed with either a Fuji 617 panoramic camera or a Pentax 67 camera both of which are medium format as well as a range of 35mm Canon film SLR cameras. All film images have been photographed with Fuji Velvia ISO 50 or 100 film and scanned using Oceanart’s Imacon/Hasselblad Flextight 646 virtual drum scanner.

tracks cover

I have also been using a range of Canon digital SLR cameras (though I still do shoot film as well). Initially I was using a Canon 1Ds Mk III or a 5D Mk II but now predominately use either a Canon 1Dx or 5D MkIII DSLR and occasionally a 1D Mk IV. When I shoot in the ocean I use Aquatech sportshousings.

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